Guided Implants

Guided Implants

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided implant surgery is the process of planning the implant surgery on a computer using the patient’s 3D Xrays.

An Implant Guide is a device which allows dentist to place the implant precisely as planned, this leads to better and more predictable results. Whereas the conventional method of using the patient’s panoramic x-ray to plan implant surgery cannot transfer the planning exactly.

guided implant animation at Younes Ortho Implant center

Why Guided Implants at Younes Dental Clinic are special?

Almost all Dentists buy the Implant Guide from specialized companies and labs, which means the guides are designed by technicians who don’t have a medical background, so they can only design surgical implant guides for simple cases.

Younes Dental Ortho Implant Center is the first clinic in Lebanon and the Middle East to use Guided Implants for all our patients, all our surgical and Implant Guides are designed by Dr Ali Younes himself, and manufactured at our inhouse lab, which means we can treat more complex cases other dentists can’t.

This level of quality and precision allows us to give our patients some the best treatment options available anywhere in the world.

How to get guided implants in Lebanon?

  • First appointment: We’ll examine you and make sure you’re suitable for implant surgery.
  • Second appointment: you’ll have your operation and provisional teeth if indicated.
  • Third appointment: after implants are ready to be loaded, we’ll take impressions of your mouth.
  • Fourth appointment: you’ll receive your new teeth and you can share your smile with the world 😉

Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery:

  • Surgery can be precise, safe, and predictable.
  • Surgery time is shorter.
  • Generally carried out as a flapless surgery and shorter recovery time for the patient.
  • Less invasion, blood, and pain for the patient.
  • Immediate loading is possible.
  • Bone grafts can be minimized.

When can we use Guided Implant Surgery?

Frequently asked questions:

Diabetics can get Implants!

but keep in mind diabetics are at high risk of bleeding and gum disease, which might lead to implant failure.

Depending on your case, teeth can be placed immediately on the same day of the operation or after a few months

Not necessarily, we can provide provisional or temporary teeth, but it will cost you extra 

No, you’ll be put under local anesthesia, and wont feel a thing.

After the operation you might feel a mild discomfort, which will disappear in a couple of days.

If you follow your doctors advice and proper brushing and oral hygiene are maintained the implants should last a life time.

During the initial healing period, you’ll be put on a soft diet for a couple of months, then you can go back to eating normally, but you should avoid very hard foods such as nuts.

Yes, but it will increases the possibility of a failed Implant, we advise you reduce or stop smoking as soon as possible, if you are considering implants.

For Smokers considering implants, they should begin reducing they’re cigarettes to at least 3 per day or stop smoking for 2 months prior to the operation and stop completely for 3 weeks after the operation.

Yes, no one will be able to tell that you had implants.

There is always a 2-3% chance that an implant might fail, but don’t worry, all our implants are covered by a lifetime warranty and will be replaced in case of failure.

The operation will usually last between 30 minutes to 2 hours for each jaw.

Yes, we can make Immediate implantation after extraction in one operation.